If I’d only known about compounding interest

These contemporary times require that our youth become better prepared for the financial challenges of tomorrow. Financial literacy education is the key to responsible consumerism, meaning financial knowledge should be taught at a young age, as soon as a child extends their hand for money. Yes, cultivating financially savvy children is an enormous challenge for parents to be confronted with these days. Kidzonomics® is here to assist with financial educational sessions to raises students’ financial consciousness by empowering children to engage and analyze “realistic financial” situation. Kidzonomics’ teaches children how to utilize financial literacy terms and exposure to money management concepts. Children will be equipped with the necessary financial skills for them to have that conversation about money with their parents and actively observe the day-to-day money activities (trips to the bank, store, purchasing/leasing a car or the ATM machine) that impact short-and long-term household financial wellness. 

The program can be modified to be grade specific and/or implemented as an after-school or Saturday program. 


Kidzonomics’ workshops for children 6 years old to adolescence age. Our workshops are fun-filled, hands-on interactive sessions where kids create savings banks, role play, entrepreneurship, simulated household, and learn about online financial resources and much, much more.

Some of the workshops’ topics covered:

  • Pennies Matter
  • Saving
  • Wants & Needs
  • Budgeting Choices
  • Opportunity Cost
  • Co-op Principles
  • Economics of Growing Your Own Sweet Potatoes


All of our programs and workshops are customized and priced accordingly. However, we strive to work with all our clients and will work within your budget.

Kidzonomics’ mission- “Make a lasting difference in children’s understanding of personal finance basics, which will strengthen their financial wellness as adults.”

Best regards,

Kidzonomics®, LLC

Sheena Qualles-De Freece, Founder


Cell: 201207-3507

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